The Psychology of Success

What is the difference between passion and obsession? For starters, an obsession is usually an act that you are always (and sometimes uncontrollably) preoccupied with. A passion, on the other hand, is a strong love that can be the pathway to a healthy relationship or to a harmful obsession.

It seems that more and more entrepreneurs these days are falling into that first category of obsessing over there work, an act that is detrimentally affecting both their project and social life. While it may have started as a healthy, passionate drive, several factors are now pushing them towards an unhealthy obsession that can often lead to failure instead of success.

While an entrepreneur (or anyone) can take advantage of either their passionate or obsessive feelings to force themselves to work, there are some key differences that should be noted. For starters, obsession can often lead to depression if certain goals are not met. This is very common when entrepreneurs take on too much and are unable to complete tasks, disappointing themselves or others. Being overly obsessive can also be detrimental to a person’s social life and family, as they are constantly preoccupied and easily agitated.    Continue reading