Japanese Quake and Tsunami Predicted July 22 2009

01/08/2009 (10:12 pm) by Britton LaRoche

So this is the last post on the Eclipse Earthquake simulator. I have no plans to create the simulator (but before I drop the idea all together) I thought I’d use a little Psuedo science to make my own earth quake prediction for the July 22 2009 Eclipse.


Table of Contents
Page 1 – The Theory and Prediction
Page 2 – Supporting evidence
Page 3 – The Geologist behind the Eclipse Quake Theory— Jim Berkland (You Tube)

*** Note 1: Updated May 07 2009 With data from 3 previous Total Solar Eclipses and 3 Earthquakes all in the same region (and same day within 6 hours) from the past 20 years. Note 2: This is a theory and I have no background in earth science or seismology. In short, I have no valid qualification to back this prediction. Update June 24 2009: But, this theory is now backed a credible scientist who does. Hans Lehner’s Earth Quake prediction***

Total Solar Eclipse Earthquake Theory
What is the relationship between an earthquake and an eclipse? One normally thinks of a solar eclipse as merely the moon blocking the light of the sun. What one misses with this concept, is that these are two celestial bodies that have a large gravitation pull on the earth. During an eclipse these two bodies combine gravitational forces in exactly one straight line. This means that the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon on the earth are combined during the eclipse.

The eclipse quake theory is as follows; When the gravitational force of the sun and moon are both pulling together they create larger than normal tidal forces. The solar tide is about one third the size of the lunar tide. When these tidal forces work together they provide a larger than normal downward push on a subducted tectonic plate. If the gravitation distortion and tidal forces pass over the joint between two tectonic plates that has not had series of recent earthquakes, the extra gravitational pull, and tidal force push is all that is needed to “pop the seam” and cause a major quake. Molten magma beneath the surface of the earth plays a role too. Because the earth rotates faster than the moon’s orbit, this magma tide as well as the ocean tide is often actually directly in front of the moon’s path. Matching eclipse data from NASA to earthquake data from the USGS demonstrates a great deal of correlative data between eclipses and an earthquakes.

July 22nd through July 30th 2009 Earth Quake Prediction
I used the theory to predict the biggest magnitude of earthquake activity, and it happens to be in Southern Japan. Japan sits on or near the junction of 4 tectonic plates

Japans tectonic plates

*** Note: 07/07/2009 Update: Historical data has changed my prediction to be a few hours before the total eclipse, with a window of 8 days after the eclipse.

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