Pray Times – add ons extentions for Mozilla Firefox

For those of you who frequent browsing (exploring) the virtual world with Mozilla Firefox, so if there is no reminder, could forget the time when prayer has been entered. Among the benefits of Firefox is support Add-ons (additional functions) that there are so many. One of them is a prayer reminder.

One of the add-ons that are quite useful Pray Times!, Prayer reminder for Firefox.

Pray Times! calculation algorithm using a similar (possibly the same) with a prayer reminder application, such as Shollu, Azan Times and others. So if Shollu have been using, then look almost the same time.

What are the features of Pray Times!

* Different methods of prayer time calculation

* Information within the time prayer

* Automatic azan voice or other audio when the time comes

* Support various places in the world

* The calculation of local (does not need internet connection)

* Display information prayer time when the mouse on the area of Pray Times!

* Not limited Operating System that is used, which use web browser Mozilla Firefox

* Various options (calculation) that can be entered manually

* Available jadwan monthly prayer time

How Installasi

1. Go to the URL address Pray Times!

2. Click the “Add to Firefox”.

3. And if the browser used is Firefox, it will automatically install the direct add-on, with confirmation as shown below:


4. Just click the Install Now. See the effect so that firefox needs to be opened and closed again.

Download and manually Installasi

If we do not want to install directly from the brower firefox (possible to install in the home, eman browser, computer, etc.), then we can download this add-on separately.

Download the add-on

1. Use a browser other than Firefox, for example, Chrome, IE, Safari, etc. Operas.

2. Open the link above, Pray Times!

3. Just click “Add to Firefox”, it will be in the download file pray_times!-1.1.3


4. Save this file on your computer.

Add-on installation manually:

1. Open the Firefox browser

2. Select the File menu> Open File, and locate the file before (pray_times!-1.1.3)

3. Click Open, then it will continue with the installation process of Pray Times!


In the right corner of the Firefox browser will look prayer time. To set, please right click and select Opstions.
Azan files that are included only a sample only, so only heard the sound Takbir adzan.
To download files adzan other, can be downloaded from

In addition to the Pray Times!, Reminders prayer for windows could use Shollu, while for handphone (HP) and other gadgets that support java, can use the Azan Times.

Finally I can run Sabily 9.04 in my PC


After long night spending time to download and configure uisng Virtual Box finally… it running. This Sabily ubuntu is purposely for Muslim.


This picture Show the VirtualBox with Sabily install virtually inside .

This is how guide on how to install it on your computer run windows or ubuntu by using VirtualBox.

Run Sabily in Virtual Box

Follow these steps if you want to run Sabily on top of another operating system

Virtual Box is a virtualization software, that means you can execute a “guest” operating system on top of a “host” operating system. For example, if you have Windows installed on your computer, you can run Sabily like an application on Windows. No need to burn a DVD with Sabily, then to install it on your computer… So if you are afraid to lose data by installing Sabily on your computer, or if you just want to quickly test it, install Virtual Box, download the Sabily image and execute it!

Here are the detailed instructions:

  • Download and install VirtualBox here
  • Download the Sabily image here (download both files, .vmdk and .ovf)
  • Launch virtualBox and select “import virtual appliance”, then browse to the .ovf file you downloaded (the .ovf file and .vmdk must be in the same folder)
  • Review the machine settings (especially memory, it is set to 512MB, but you can increase it if you have more memory) and launch it.
  • Log in using:  username -> test, password -> S)bilY (the keyboard is set to qwerty by default)

See the support page if you need help.

:: Other Guides ::

Install Sabily from DVD

Follow these steps if you don’t have any operating system installed on your computer

Download and burn the DVD: Download Links

Learn how to verify that your DVD download is ok: HowToMD5SUM

Learn how to create a DVD from your newly downloaded file: BurningIsoHowTo

If you can’t download the DVD, you can buy it here.

Then install it as a standard Ubuntu CD (documentation).

See the support page if you need help.

Convert a standard Ubuntu installation

Follow these steps if you already have installed Ubuntu on your computer

If you have an old version of Ubuntu, less than 9.04, you should first upgrade your system:

sudo aptitude update ;
sudo aptitude safe-upgrade ;
sudo aptitude dist-upgrade

Then, to convert Ubuntu to Sabily, follow these steps:

Open a terminal window (Applications→Accessories→Terminal), and execute the following command:

sudo wget`lsb_release -cs`.list --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/sabily.list;
sudo apt-get -q update;
sudo apt-get --yes -q --allow-unauthenticated install sabily-keyring;
sudo apt-get -q update

Then install the sabily package:

sudo aptitude install sabily

Answer ‘Yes’ when needed.

If you want to install the optional package WebStrict (Web Content Filtering tool), just run the following command:

 sudo aptitude install webstrict 

Finally, restart your computer to apply changes.

See the support page if you need help.