Wondering What did I do daily without Ind. Training?

During the Study Week I almost being split up between 2 things study, assignment and preparation for the exam as well as preparation for the guest of honour…Well I guest that 4 things.. Due date this baby to be born was 30 Mac 2009 but drag till 10 days…On 9/4/2009 this new comer has arrived… Alhamdullilah all things were release of my shoulder a bit but it wasn’t over yet, there was still… I need to focused on exam.

Next during exam…as usual last minute study…the spot questions came out and lucky me some I can remembered but others pray to Allah …Allamdullilah..Exam also finish with questioned in my mind what did I wrote in the exam…can’t remembered anymore…

After that I  took CCNA class n Exam…Wonder where my baby are? They are already at my father in law in Ipoh n every day was going lonely and alone like I don’t  have anyone..What to do? But it doesn’t stop me to study and attended the CCNA class..however I failed the exam…My motivation is down already.

Coming up , was the prov. result day…hrmm..guest what.. hehe …1 *P for the Algorithm subject and had to took KSCP paper…The week before registration of KSCP i go to IPOH n meet my wife and 2 daughters to cheer me up and it did …at 1st day after my wife finish her “pantang”  we all including father n mother in law go to the Cameron Highland on day trip…Oh…that was my 1st time in Cameron Highland and it was amazing…we buy some strawberries, vegetable, drink tea tarik, visit the tea plantation. We hurry back to Ipoh from Genting Highland before sunset and arrive at night.

On Tuesday 26 May 2009, we..yes my wife n kids came back to Penang…lucky we arrived in time to register for KSCP at school of computer sciences i have 2 week to study..but i din study until the morning of the examination day..n think i did Okey lah in the Exam…hopefully.

Oh I almost forgot that I went back to Ipoh on Friday night 29 May to attended my wife biras or cousin wedding ceremony.On 30th we went to Alor Gajah to that wedding ceremony, she  is a daughter of lecturer in Universiti Petronas or maybe one of the Deen over there Dr.Abbas, we call him Pak Uda. n Next day we visit the bridegroom house in Teluk Intan.. My wife was born there..hehe..I just know that..and that day 1st time in my life I went to Menara Condong in Teluk Intan….like Pisa Tower…hehe..me was like “Frog under umbrella” what it mean was ……figure it out yourself…paham2 jelah

My wife is working now …Hrmm..It is time for me to take care our 2 month, cute little girl baby, until 1st July cause she will be send to Nursery..Almost all time up to this day i been blogging on wordpress. This wordpress impress me alot from the begining of it development til now…For me the evolution and transformations and hard work of all the dev team night n day motivated me a lot….I have been using it since version 1.xx and now…fulamak..fuyo…marvelous…With version 3 out all  I dream of  fully functional wordpress already here….can be download install as free as u like or just register at wordpress.com to build ur blog…They give us 3Gb of storage n what more could you ask?..It’s blogging time…

So, if anyone wondering what did I do daily without Industrial Training and during semester break..Ur already know it..This is it…Happy holiday to me and happy Ind. Tranning to my all CS friends and USM stud who know me.