How To Fix Disk Drive Suddenly Became RAW

DISCLAIMER: These examples use techniques that I actually employ in the real world to deal with real problems. They might be wrong or dangerous. They might be inefficient. If you try them yourself, it might cause damage or irreparable loss. I take no responsibility for anything you do based on my examples or the information that I provide here.

A common and befuddling problem with computers is the sudden and seemingly inexplicable disappearance of an external hard drive that has been functioning properly. It can be a breathtaking experience to suddenly be told that your data, often irreplaceable pictures and documents, might be gone forever.

As with many similar situations in life the appropriate response is “Don’t panic”. When approached sensibly and carefully, the situation can be resolved and the data saved more times than not. Here we will look at the causes, fixes and preventative measures for instances involving external drives being used with Windows XP and Windows Vista/7.

Error Messages

Common error messages associated with the sudden inability to access an external hard disk drive.

Windows XP Windows 7

When attempting to access the drive in Windows you may see a message asking you to format the drive DO NOT FORMAT THE DRIVE

You need to format the disk in drive before you can use it.
Do you want to format it?

Another error that you may see when trying to access the drive in Windows from a program or the command line is…

This volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.

Attempting to run chkdsk in an attempt to repair the problem will give an error also…

chkdsk can not be run on the drive
The type of the file system is RAW.
CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives.

The Disk Management window shows the partition as either RAW or without a filesystem type.

Properties of the drive show that both used and free spaces are 0 byte in size for the raw drive
Windows XP Windows 7

What does RAW partition mean

A RAW filesystem simply means that it is a filesystem that is not recognized by Windows. Therefore all the available filesystem drivers are unable to mount the filesystem as a drive. This often happens when the records determining the filesystem type or location on the disk are damaged or corrupted, usually the partition table or the boot sector.
Since Windows sees no filesystem in the partition, it prompts you to format it in order to create a filesystem on it. DO NOT FORMAT IT.

Why does it happen and how to avoid it

The most common cause of external hard drives suddenly becoming RAW drives is if they are disconnected from a computer without using the “Safely Remove Hardware” option. This can happen in many ways such as a power failure, unplugging the drive from the USB port or from its AC adapter, a problem with the computer that causes it to temporarily disconnect the USB hubs and many more circumstances can lead to this occurring.
Always use “Safely remove hardware” to disconnect the drive. Left click the icon on the taskbar, select the device from the menu, and wait for the confirmation message.

How do you fix it

For this example, I chose the most heavily damaged disk with this issue that I could find in my collection of damaged disks. It has both of the most common problems. The partition table is corrupted and the boot sector of the main partition is also scrambled. The pictures of error messages above all came from this drive. The pictures of the repair process below are from the actual repair of this drive. Some images are from a virtual machine (simply to make it easier to get the screenshots) and some are from an actual desktop. This is a real repair not a manufactured example.

Before proceeding beyond this point, you need to be aware of the risks involved. If the problem with the drive is not simply a logical error but is a manifestation of physical damage then the more you use it and try to repair, the worse the damage may become. To minimize the risks, the drive can be taken to a professional who is experienced in this type of repair. If you wish to continue on your own there are three important rules to remember.

1. Computer problems are variable. You may very well come up with a different situation than I outline below. Make sure that you stop and think things through carefully when the process becomes different than I describe.

2. You DO NOT WANT TO WRITE ANYTHING TO THE RAW DRIVEexcept for the repaired MBR and repaired Boot Sector if necessary. Any other writing can overwrite data on the drive that you would want to keep.

3. This repair does not apply to solid-state drives (SSD). They are very different than normal drives and can erase important data on a RAW partition just by connecting power to them.

Do you want to recover anything extra important first?

It can put your mind at ease and make the process less stressful if you can successfully and quickly make copies of the most important files on the drive. After making sure that these files are safely copied to another drive, you can continue with repairing the drive with a much more relaxed demeanor and thus be less likely to make a mistake.
Often you can access the data on the missing drive by booting with a Linux LiveCD. The hard disk drive being used in this example is too damaged to do this but there is another article with instructions herethat uses a drive that while not visible in Windows was accessible with a Linux LiveCD.

Repair partition table and boot sector

In order to repair the most common problems that cause an external disk to suddenly become RAW we will use a PartedMagic Linux boot CD and one of the tools included on it called TestDisk. Both of these items are free and I urge you to donate to them if you are helped by their use and have the ability to make a donation.

This method allows us to work on the drive without attempting to mount it and gives us more direct access to it than trying to fix it in Windows.

First make a bootable CD or USB stick of PartedMagic. Instructions can be found here.

Boot the computer that has the bad drive connected to it with the PartedMagic CD/USB that you made. A menu will pop up, please select
1. Default Settings (Runs from RAM)

When it finishes booting you will notice that it looks kind of like a Windows desktop. The button in the lower left works like the START button in Windows XP and allows you to select and run various programs or shutdown the computer. To make things easy, I’ll just refer to this as the START button.

Click on the Terminal button down near the START button (It has a picture of a monitor on it) and type
and press enter.

TestDisk is a console application so you have to use your keyboard to interact with it instead of your mouse.

Choose No Log and hit enter

Make sure that your external disk is highlighted
Choose Proceed and hit enter

Select Intel and hit enter (there is a slight chance that the partition is EFI GPT if the drive is 2TB or greater in size and at the bottom of this screen it says that Hint: EFI GPT was detected. If that is the case, select EFI GPT instead and try that.)

Select Analyse and hit enter

The partition data looks incorrect (an explanation of why is beyond the scope of this article)
Select Quick Search and hit enter

Say ‘Y‘ if it asks if the disk was made in Vista/Win7 (even if it was made in XP say ‘yes’)

Now the Quick Search will run

When the Quick Search completes, we see one partition (if you only see the option to CONTINUE at the bottom of the screen press ENTER one time to continue to the screen that you need to be at).

Lets look at the data on that partition press
and you should see a list of files/folders in the partition.

Hmmm… This looks like a bunch of diagnostic tools but not our missing data. We’ll need to look further. Press
to go back a screen and then press
To get to this screen, select DEEPER SEARCH and press enter.

Naturally, the Deeper Search takes longer than the Quick Search

When the Deeper Search completes we now see two partitions. The one we saw after the quick search and another one.

Select the new partition and press
to see the files/folders and now we see the data we want to make visible again.

to go back a screen and then press enter to get to this screen.
Select WRITE and press enter in order to write our new partition table to the drive.

Press Y to confirm that you want to write the new partition table.

As I mentioned at the start of this repair, this disk also has corruption in the boot sector of the partition that we are trying to make visible again. When this is the case TestDisk will stop at this point and ask you to fix it before it finishes writing the new partition table. If the backup boot sector is good (as in this case) simply choose BACKUP BSand press enter. In the event that the backup boot sector is also bad then choose REBUILD BS.

Press Y to confirm the boot sector repair

Then choose QUIT and press enter

Regardless of whether a boot sector repair is required or not, you will end up at this screen where all you can do is press enter. Then hit Quntil you are out of TestDisk.

Now remove the PartedMagic CD and shutdown the computerSTART>SHUTDOWN and then try booting it into Windows to see if the drive is now visible.

Here are the results for the drive used in this example…

Backup important files and run chkdsk

Now you should make backups of all important files on the drive in case it goes bad again and then run chkdsk to fix any other filesystem errors that may still exist.
After backing up important files, right-click the disk in Windows Explorer and choose PROPERTIES. Go to the TOOLS tab and click CHECK NOW. Check both options and click START.

Hopefully, this solves your problem. Please feel free to contact me through the contact form or comments if you have any questions or suggestions for this post.

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Configure USMSecure for Windows 7

1) Keep your laptop is in WiFi area. Make sure your wireless adapter is on.
2) Right click the WiFi button and choose “Open Network and Sharing Center”.
Diagram 1: Step 2, Open Network and Sharing Center
3) You will see Network and Sharing Center, Please click ” Manage wireless network”.

Diagram 2: Network and Sharing Center ->  Manage wireless network
4) In Manage Wireless network, Click “Add”.
Diagram 3:  Manage wireless network -> Add
5) In Manually Connect to a wireless network , Click “Manually create a network profile”.
Diagram 4:  Manually Connect to a wireless network-> Manually create a network profile
6) In Manually Connect to a wireless network , fill all information as you see below and click “Next’
Diagram 5:  Manually Connect to a wireless network-> Next
7) In Manually Connect to a wireless network, click “Change connection settings”
Diagram 6:  Manually Connect to a wireless network-> Change connection settings
 8) In USMSecure wireless network properties, click “Connection”
Diagram 7:  USMSecure wireless network properties -> Connection
9) Make sure your Security type is “WPA2-Enterprise” and Tick “Remember my credentials”
10) Click ” Settings” to proceed.

Diagram 8:  USMSecure wireless network properties -> Setting

11) Untick ‘Validate server certificate’
12) Click ‘Configure’

 Diagram 9:  Protected EAP Properties -> Configure
18. Untick ‘Automatically use my Windows logon name and password’
19. Click ‘OK’ to all.
 Diagram 10 :  Protected EAP Properties -> Click Ok to all
Back to USMSecure Wireless Network Properties and make sure setting as you see below

Diagram 11: USMSecure Wireless Network -> Advanced Settings
20) Choose “User authentication” in authentication mode. Click “Save credentials” to continue.

Diagram 12: Advance settings -> Save Credentials
21) To enter your credentials, type Student Mail  ( as your user name and IC Number/Passport as your password.

Diagram 13: Save credentials

22) Press OK to finish. Wait for wifi to connect automatically if fail repeat all the step.

If it still cannot connect please visit PPKT Wireless Counter at Building D37, Pusat Komputer.

Download manual in pdf :- USMSecure-for-windows-7.pdf

More info on how to setup USMSecure for Android and Nokia Symbian OS.

App kumpul duit untuk beli cincin belian

Dengan ratusan aplikasi mudah-alih yang dibangunkan pembangun tempatan, kini sebuah aplikasi berbentuk permainan diperkenalkan, dinamakan sebagai Aku Jimat. Aplikasi yang ditawarkan secara percuma $0.90 ini, membolehkan para pemain berjimat dengan mengumpulkan duit, selain pada masa yang sama perlu membeli 12 jenis barangan, seperti cincin berlian, beg tangan dan sebagainya melaluinya.

Sama seperti permainan-permainan lain, Aku Jimat turut menyertakan beberapa halangan, dimana para pemain perlu mengelak daripada mengumpulkan bom, dimana setiap bom akan menambah jangka umur, dan para pemain akan gagal apabila mengumpulkan sebanyak 99 biji bom.

Bagi mereka yang inginkan untuk menghabiskan masa dengan bermain permainan menarik, dengan bercirikan tempatan, mungkin Aku Jimat ini salah satu permainan yang perlu dicuba oleh anda. Bagi para pengguna iOS, anda boleh memuat-turunnya terus daripada Apple AppStore hari ini secara percuma.

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2 easy way to Create Windows 7 Live CD

Before we get into creating a Live CD, lets understand what exactly it is and how it can save you a lot of trouble in case of a computer crash or malware infection on your PC. A Live CD is basically a bootable storage device that contains an operating system (OS). What is different about a live CD is the fact that the working of the OS does not depend on the hard drive. Why do you need a Live CD? If your Windows operating system crashes completely, you will have limited access to important files.By using a Live CD, you can easily access these files and transfer them to another storage device. You can also use a Live CD to clean severe malware infections. In some cases, the malware blocks all executable programs—which prevents your antivirus software from running. By using a LiveCD, the malware’s defense will be completely obsolete!

There are numerous types of Live CD software like Linux that allow you to recover and fix your computer. However since many of these Live CDs are based on different platforms, they are not fully compatible with Windows. Therefore, you will have problems scanning your Windows drive from a different operating system (like Linux) on a Live CD. Creating a Windows Live CD allows you to fix many errors on your Windows drive with much more convenience.

In this guide, you are going to learn how to create a Windows 7 Live CD – the easy way. There are other tutorials about this on the Web, but they mostly involve using WinBuilder—which doesn’t always work successfully. In this guide, you are going to learn how to create a live CD using Make_PE3 which is a better alternative as well as with WinBuilder. After reading about each software you can choose which one to use for creating a Live CD. Continue reading

Beli barangan harian online, sampai ke pintu rumah


SENARIO seperti kekangan masa kerana sibuk bekerja, menguruskan keluarga dan tuntutan harian yang memenatkan sudah menjadi asam garam kehidupan masyarakat kota hari ini.

Itu belum ditambah lagi dengan masalah kesesakan jalan raya, kesukaran mencari parkir atau barisan di kaunter yang terlalu panjang.

Kerana itu, bukanlah menghairankan apabila budaya beli-belah barangan runcit warga kota hari ini semakin berubah.

Sambil duduk di rumah melayan anak-anak atau menonton TV, dengan satu klik di internet sahaja selepas beberapa jam barangan yang dibeli akan tiba di depan pintu rumah.

Itulah antara perubahan gaya hidup dan budaya beli-belah yang dibawakan Doorstep Retails Sdn. Bhd.

Syarikat itu telah membangunkan laman web dalam menawarkan dan menyediakan perkhidmatan penghantaran barangan keperluan harian rumah sehingga ke pintu pengguna.

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutifnya, Datuk Ragavan P. Nair berkata, laman web berkenaan dibangunkan untuk memberi platform alternatif kepada pengguna bagi mendapatkan barangan keperluan harian rumah mereka.

“Kebanyakan masyarakat hari ini mempunyai gaya hidup yang agak sibuk dan tidak mempunyai masa berkualiti untuk membeli barangan keperluan harian rumah mereka.

“Justeru itu, laman web ini akan dapat membantu memudahkan pengguna kerana mereka tidak perlu lagi keluar rumah mendapatkan produk sebaliknya hanya melayari alam maya dan produk akan dihantar ke rumah atau pun pejabat,” katanya kepada Kosmo!.

Pada mulanya, Ragavan menambah, laman web tersebut hanya menawarkan produk barangan korporat terutamanya dalam industri hotel, institusi kewangan, hospital, syarikat telekomunikasi dan televisyen.

Bagaimanapun, melihat sambutan yang diberikan segmen tersebut amat positif, ia telah dikembangkan kepada pasaran pengguna pada tahun lalu.    Continue reading

WordPress Security Measures That You Can’t Miss!

Get peace of mind by fully securing your installation of WordPress with these “need to know” tips and tricks! This guide literally includes *everything* you’ll need to fully secure your WordPress blog or website.

WordPress Security Tips On This Page:
  1. Rename “Admin” to Something Else
  2. Change your Default WordPress Database Prefix
  3. Be Fully Upgraded At All Times
  4. Use Robots.txt to Disallow Access
  5. Use .htaccess to Protect WordPress
  6. Create A Separate .htaccess File for WP-Admin
  7. Drop A Blank HTML File Into Your Plugin Folder
  8. Password Protect WP-Admin on the Server Side
  9. Remove All “WordPress” References
  10. Beware of CHMOD 777

The 15 Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2011

WordPress provide thousands of plugins each day. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish on your blog, there is probably a WordPress plugin that will allow you to do it.

This list is the 15 most incredible WordPress plugins. Only the 15 best WordPress plugins have made it while anything less than amazing has been kicked to the street. Only 5 plugins survived last year’s listing to be returned this year.The following plugins are posted in the order and I recommend them.   Continue reading

Offline files in Windows ?

If you’ve ever needed to access important files stored in a shared folder on your network but couldn’t because the network connection was unavailable, then you can understand the need for offline files. Using offline files, you can access files stored in shared network folders even when the network copies are unavailable. You can do this by choosing the network files you want to make available offline, which automatically creates a copy of the network files on your computer. These copies of network files that are stored on your computer are called offline files. Windows will automatically sync your offline files for you and open them whenever the network versions are unavailable.

For instructions on how to use offline files, see Working with network files when you are offline.

You can access network files when you can connect to the computer where the network files are stored
You can access local copies of network files when you can’t connect to the computer where the network files are stored

Continue reading

Humble..Patutlah mereka “maju”.

Sony executives bow in apology for security breach

Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Kazuo Hirai, center, bows along with two other executives at the start of a press conference at the Sony Corp. headquarters in Tokyo Sunday, May 1, 2011.  (AP / Shizuo Kambayashi)Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Kazuo Hirai, center, bows along with two other executives at the start of a press conference at the Sony Corp. headquarters in Tokyo Sunday, May 1, 2011. (AP / Shizuo Kambayashi)

Updated: Sun May. 01 2011

The Associated Press

TOKYO — Sony executives bowed in apology Sunday for a security breach in the company’s PlayStation Network that compromised the personal data of some 77 million accounts on the online service.

“We deeply apologize for the inconvenience we have caused,” said Kazuo Hirai, chief of Sony Corp.’s PlayStation video game unit, who was among the three executives who held their heads low for several seconds at the company’s Tokyo headquarters in the traditional style of a Japanese apology.   Continue reading

Windows Defender Problem in Vista

Have you experience this problem, Windows Defender error display below..This problem occurs maybe because of malware or by  virus attack which infected windows defender file and your antivirus detected and deleted it.

Windows Defender
Application failed to initialize: 0x80070006. The handle is invalid.

Error code Windows Defender

Well, thank you Allah and thank also this article from this forum and this blog….I found the solution and it help me….just copy this code below, pasted it into notepad, saved the file as Defender.reg and then merged it. Rebooted and all is well.    Continue reading


iPad vs iPad 2 which ready on March 2011

Shockingly enough, Apple found plenty of things to tweak and update on its spectacularly successful iPad. Alright, so the screen resolution didn’t improve and we didn’t get that ultra-speedy Thunderbolt connector on board, but the iPad 2 is thinner and lighter while somehow becoming more powerful — a 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 SOC lurks within. Check out our full breakdown of the key spec differences in the chart after the break. It’s great fun, we promise!

P.S. – While you’re poring over these stats, don’t forget that Apple’s decided to slap a $100 price cut on the original iPads, making them eminently more desirable today than they were yesterday.  Continue reading

Windows 7 SP1 now available for everyone

Microsoft shipped the most important update yet to Windows 7 yesterday–or so you’d conclude from the Redmond, Wash., company’s home-page promotion of this Service Pack 1 patch. Its name would suggest the same; Microsoft ranks Service Packs among its most comprehensive, sweeping fixes, issued only two or three times for an edition of Windows.


Although the initial dialog in Windows Update suggested this download could run anywhere from 44 to 533.1 megabytes, this machine only needed a 62.5 MB download, or less than a tenth ofsome of Apple’s Mac OS X updates. Windows Update took about 30 minutes to install SP1, after which the computer spent another 24 minutes in a post-reboot “configuring” session. Continue reading

Fix desktop.ini Auto Open in Notepad on Boot Up in Windows

Users who have downloaded and installed Windows 7 Build 7057 may have noticed that a notepad window will automatically open upon every system startup or reboot. The Notepad will open desktop.ini with the following text:


Obviously, it’s a ‘bug’ that a desktop.ini file been mistakenly been placed or created on a location where it should not. To fix the desktop.ini auto open on Windows 7 Build 7057 is pretty easy, just by removing and deleting the desktop.ini from the Startup folder, which Windows operating system loads on every boot up.

Fix Windows 7 Build 7057 Notepad Auto Open Desktop.ini on Startup Bug

  1. Open Windows Explorer, then click on Organize -> Folder and Search Options.
  2. Go to View tab.
  3. Under “Hidden files and folders” tree, select Show hidden files, folders and drives.
  4. Uncheck Hide protected operating system files in order to be able to view the hidden desktop.ini file.
  5. Click OK when done.
  6. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder, or alternatively, just typeshell:common startup in Start Search and hit Enter.
  7. Delete desktop.ini file inside the folder.
  8. Navigate toC:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder, or alternatively, just type shell:startup in Start Search and hit Enter.
  9. Delete desktop.ini file inside the folder.
  10. The bug has been fixed, and no Notepad window with desktop.ini will appear on reboot or startup anymore.

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Beware the Facebook felons

Monday January 17, 2011

PETALING JAYA: Crooks are cashing in on personal details readily revealed by some Facebook users and using them in identity frauds, blackmail or to “steal” money from users.

Over-excited online social network users who reveal personal information and accept “friendship” requests from complete strangers have made the site an increasingly popular target for cybercriminals.

Many users, especially beginners, experience culture shock when they suddenly become “popular” and receive many friendship requests, said criminologist and Malaysian Association of Certified Fraud Examiners president Datuk Akhbar Satar.   Continue reading

Now you can recover your lost data like a pro

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is an advanced and effective data recovery software formatted hard drives or partitions, deleted files emptied from the Recycle Bin or restore lost data due to any loss or damage, software, virus infection, unexpected shutdown or any other partition.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 5.0.1:

  • Recover deleted or lost files emptied from the Recycle Bin.
  • File recovery after accidental format, even if you have reinstalled Windows.
  • Disk recovery after a hard disk crash.
  • Get back files after a partitioning error.
  • Get data back from RAW hard drives.
  • Recover office document, photo, image, video, music, email, etc.
  • Recover from hard drive, USB drive, memory card, memory stick, camera card, Zip, floppy disk or other storage media.
  • Support FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS/NTFS5 file systems.
  • Works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7.
  • Bootable media based on WinPE.
  • High quality of file recovery.
  • Free file repair service for .PST, .DBX, .XLS and .DOC files.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard costs, which typically earn $ 69.95 for a single license. 3 days as a limited promotion, EASEUS Major Geeks, given away free copy of the full version of EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard (DRW). To view the full version license pack for EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, you simply download the setup installer following:

Download Full EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 5.0.1:

Top 7 – 2011 Data Recovery Software Comparisons

Rank #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
Excellent score Excellent
Very good score Very Good
Good score Good
Fair score Fair
Poor score Poor
Digital Rescue Premium Advanced Disk Recovery Recover My Files Data Recovery Wizard Total Recall Handy Recovery Windows Data Recovery
Digital Rescue Premium Advanced Disk Recovery Recover My Files Data Recovery Wizard Total Recall Handy Recovery Windows Data Recovery
Reviewer Comments Read Review
Watch Video Review
Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review
Lowest Price Buy Digital Rescue Premium 3.1
Buy Advanced Disk Recovery
Buy Recover My Files 4.6
Buy Data Recovery Wizard 5.0.1
Buy Total Recall 1.1
Buy Handy Recovery 4
Buy Windows Data Recovery 2.0.1
Overall Rating Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Very Good Very Good
Feature Set Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Very Good Excellent Very Good
Ease of Use Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Recovery Effectiveness Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Help/Documentation Excellent Excellent Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Excellent
View Specifications Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
View Screenshots View Digital Rescue Premium screenshots View Advanced Disk Recovery screenshots View Recover My Files screenshots View Data Recovery Wizard screenshots View Total Recall screenshots View Handy Recovery screenshots View Windows Data Recovery screenshots
Data Recovery Features      Continue reading

Imagining Windows 8 has Xbox, Kinect, and Surface

One of the things that appears clear from some of the changes at Microsoft is that Steve Ballmer is pulling down some of the traditional siloes, and forcing groups to work together more closely. On stage at CES, Steve showcased four products, Windows 7 with an ARM future, Windows Phone 7, Xbox Kinect, and Surface. While he didn’t specifically talk about the new Windows 8 (the name for the next generation of Windows has not yet been decided), the proximity of these technologies has many of us wondering whether Windows 8 could be the Mother of all Microsoft OS offerings.    Continue reading

Facebook nak tutup ? Apa kata anda ?

GAMBAR laman web Facebook pada skrin sebuah komputer di Washington pada 9 November lalu.

PALO ALTO, California – Khabar angin dalam kalangan pengguna Internet mengenai penutupan laman sosial popular Facebook kini tersebar luas terutamanya menerusi laman sosial Twitter, lapor sebuah akhbar semalam.

Antara mesej yang disampaikan oleh pengguna Twitter adalah seperti: “Facebook bakal ditutup pada Mac 2011? Saya harap tidak.”

“Khabar angin adalah Facebook akan ditutup. Tolong jangan beralih kepada Twitter dan jangan rosakkan pengalaman jaringan sosial saya,” kata @jjelksboss melalui Twitternya.

Terdapat juga kumpulan yang dibentuk di laman Facebook yang meminta agar laman sosial itu tidak ditutup dengan mesej: “Facebook akan ditutup pada 15 Mac 2011. Adakah terdapat cara lain untuk menghalangnya?”

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Persoalan chatting dengan bukan muhrim melalui internet dan telefon?

Soalan: Aku adalah seorang pemuda. Aku punya hobi melayari internet dan chatting. Aku hampir tidak pernah chatting dengan wanita. Jika terpaksa aku chatting dengan wanita maka aku tidaklah berbicara kecuali dalam hal yang baik-baik.

Kurang dari setahun lalu ada seorang gadis yang mengajak aku chatting lalu meminta nombor telefonku. Aku katakan bahawa aku tidak mahu menggunakan telefon dan aku tidak ingin membuat Allah murka kepadaku.

Dia lalu mengatakan, “Engkau adalah seorang pemuda yang sopan dan berakhlak mulia. Aku akan bahagia jika kita boleh berkomunikasi secara langsung”. Kukatakan kepadanya, “Maaf aku tidak mahu menggunakan telefon bimbit”. Kemudian dia berkata dengan nada kesal, “Terserah kamu kalau begitu”.

Selama beberapa bulan kami hanya berhubungan melalui chatting. Suatu ketika dia mengatakan, “Aku ingin nombor telefonmu”. “Bukankah dulu sudah pernah kukatakan kepadamu bahawa aku tidak mahu menggunakan telefonku”, jawabku. Dia lalu berjanji tidak akan menghubungiku kecuali ada hal yang mendesak. Kalau demikian aku sepakat.

Setelah itu selama tiga bulan dia tidak pernah menghubungiku. Akupun berdoa agar Allah menjadikannya bersama hamba-hamba-Nya yang soleh.    Continue reading