Configure USMSecure for Windows 7

1) Keep your laptop is in WiFi area. Make sure your wireless adapter is on.
2) Right click the WiFi button and choose “Open Network and Sharing Center”.
Diagram 1: Step 2, Open Network and Sharing Center
3) You will see Network and Sharing Center, Please click ” Manage wireless network”.

Diagram 2: Network and Sharing Center ->  Manage wireless network
4) In Manage Wireless network, Click “Add”.
Diagram 3:  Manage wireless network -> Add
5) In Manually Connect to a wireless network , Click “Manually create a network profile”.
Diagram 4:  Manually Connect to a wireless network-> Manually create a network profile
6) In Manually Connect to a wireless network , fill all information as you see below and click “Next’
Diagram 5:  Manually Connect to a wireless network-> Next
7) In Manually Connect to a wireless network, click “Change connection settings”
Diagram 6:  Manually Connect to a wireless network-> Change connection settings
 8) In USMSecure wireless network properties, click “Connection”
Diagram 7:  USMSecure wireless network properties -> Connection
9) Make sure your Security type is “WPA2-Enterprise” and Tick “Remember my credentials”
10) Click ” Settings” to proceed.

Diagram 8:  USMSecure wireless network properties -> Setting

11) Untick ‘Validate server certificate’
12) Click ‘Configure’

 Diagram 9:  Protected EAP Properties -> Configure
18. Untick ‘Automatically use my Windows logon name and password’
19. Click ‘OK’ to all.
 Diagram 10 :  Protected EAP Properties -> Click Ok to all
Back to USMSecure Wireless Network Properties and make sure setting as you see below

Diagram 11: USMSecure Wireless Network -> Advanced Settings
20) Choose “User authentication” in authentication mode. Click “Save credentials” to continue.

Diagram 12: Advance settings -> Save Credentials
21) To enter your credentials, type Student Mail  ( as your user name and IC Number/Passport as your password.

Diagram 13: Save credentials

22) Press OK to finish. Wait for wifi to connect automatically if fail repeat all the step.

If it still cannot connect please visit PPKT Wireless Counter at Building D37, Pusat Komputer.

Download manual in pdf :- USMSecure-for-windows-7.pdf

More info on how to setup USMSecure for Android and Nokia Symbian OS.

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