US declares Osama dead, has his body

WASHINGTON, May 2: Eight years after president George Bush declared “mission accomplished” in Iraq, Osama bin Laden, accused by the US to be the mastermind behind al-Qaida and the attacks of 11 September 2001, has been killed by a US operation last week, President Barack Obama will announce shortly.

Osama’s body is in possession of the US, having been killed in Pakistan as the result of a US special forces and CIA operation, according to the first leaks of reporting from the US television networks.

President Obama is to make a Sunday night live statement to announce the news, around 11pm eastern time (11am MYT).

The news comes eight years to the day that President George Bush declared “Mission accomplished” in Iraq. As president, Bush declared he wanted bin Laden “dead or alive” – but it is now the unlikely figure of Barack Obama who announces the final triumph as the US commander in chief.

The news comes as an unparalleled boost for US foreign policy as well as Obama’s plummeting public rating. It also assures Obama of a re-election in the 2012 presidential contest.

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