Download fast with rapid and hotfile premium account (FREE)

After many visitors this weblog to comment about the hard to download software from sites like Rapidshare and Hotfile, then in this post and I will from Explain how to download from Rapidshare or Hotfile Quickly, Easily and cans continue (resume) if the download, your internet connection is lost. The trick is to use a leech That has been provided on the Internet. With this leech, you will of gain speed as download from local sites Such as Indowebster, Mediafire, and others.

Why now I use Rapidshare or Hotfile as a storage software in this weblog? The goal is I want to extend my visitors, so That visitors of this blog does not just come from Indonesia, but from all over the world. You see, if I use Indowebster, visitors from outside are not going to download it, Because Indowebster only reserved for people of Indonesia. Immediately, how?        

Step 1:

Go to the site of this leech,

Step 2:
Copy the link Rapidshare or Hotfile You Want to download.

Step 3:
Paste the link That you have copied into the box provided, and then click Download.

Step 4:
Wait transload process is complete as shown below, and wait 15 seconds as shown in the picture.

Step 5:
After 15 seconds, the download link will from Appear like the picture below. And please click the download link to download.

Step 6:
Wait Until the download is completed with speed and a local site Such cans resume. Good luck. :-)

Leechking Premium Link Generator is a great site, by doing transload files to this site, you will of gain speed as you’re using premium accounts in sites like Rapidshare. Oia, this leech on the site, you cans not only download files from Rapidshare and Hotfile course, Leechking That Provides many cans leech sites like MegaUpload, File Factory, Deposit Files, Uploading and

Want Leech kayak speeds above?
Premium accounts: RapidShare, Megaupload, Hotfile, Fileserve, 4 Shared, Easyshare, Depositfiles, filefactory, netload, Filesonic.

for better results, use Internet Download manager

hopefully useful ^^

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