Can’t Login Windows XP

Today, while diagnosing a computer system at my workplace, for Worms & Viruses, I was left locked out by the Operating System Windows XP. As my audit says, I diagnosed Windows for Virus and Worm, followed by, I installed a trial version of  Kaspersky Anti-virus system, which actually quarantined a lot of infected system files, like rundll32.exe, userinit.exe, winlogon.exe, notepad.exe, etc…Finally, it prompted to restart the  computer, and I was startled when Windows prompted Logon Password.

When I reviewed my audit log, I found that Kaspersky Antivirus, quarantined the Winlogon.exe & Userinit.exe, files which are mandatory for the Operating System to Logon. Finally, I manage to fix it working by replacing fresh copy of Unserinit.exe from the Windows XP CD to the Windows Directory. Here is a procedure below:

  • Insert Windows XP Bootable Disk in to CD Drive.
  • Boot the computer from the CD, and run windows XP setup.

  • On the Startup System press R to enter Recovery Console.

  • On the recovery console screen, enter the administrator password (if any) else simply press enter to continue.
  • Next, type the following,

–> D: (Press Enter), where D is the CD ROM Drive letter.

–> CD I386 (Press Enter)



  • Restart the computer and remove the Windows XP CD ROM from the CD Drive.
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