TeamViewer – Access your computer anywhere

I’ve tried out so many remote desktop and I satisfy with windows remote desktop which only work in LAN (local Area Connection) and VNC which working across platform..Since then, I  stop searching  for any other remote desktop. I never see this software coming..TeamViewer..until my friend Razif bring it up in the Forex Seminar..It got my intention because this remote desktop is easy to use and manage and can remote where ever you are…off cause  u need internet connection..Yes i mean office or home or weather your behind firewall or not. I never see anything like this before..what this piece of software can do is amazing..and it is free…available at

1) At first it can do remote desktop. Connect remotely  using unique id given by TeamViewer not using ip address…and good thing is other side or the host screen won black out or lock out like when you remote using windows remote desktop.


2) It can also do sharing or file transfer – transfer data from remote pc  to the host or vice versa.


3) It can create VPN (virtual private network) between remote and pc host.

4) This get more interesting, you can shutdown or restart the your pc  remotely.

5)What more cool is you can push your own desktop to be view in the other desktop you want to remote with. Opposite of  (1) this feature call Presentation..

6) The best about this application is about the quality of display… can also change resolution instanly.

Seriously, I never know or heard about this TeamViewer. I’m so outdated .. TeamViewer is already version

How does it work?. Try it yourself..

TeamViewer Features:

  • Encrypted Connection
  • No installation required
  • Works behind firewalls and routers
  • Chat
  • File Transfer
  • Record Remote Session
  • Support Multiple Monitor
  • Remote Reboot
  • Disable Remote Input
  • Show Black Screen
  • VPN
  • Supports Windows and Mac OS
  • Present my desktop to customer
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